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Calvary UMC Engages in Lighthouse Christmas Card Fundraising Effort

If you’ve not decided on which Christmas card to send out to your friends and family this year you may want to consider what Calvary UMC in Nashville, TN is offering.

The Calvary UMC mission team is sponsoring a Christmas card sale.  What makes these cards special is that the front covers of each card feature the creative art design of children served by the Lighthouse ministry in Tallinn, Estonia.

“We wanted to have the kids engage in a craft that we could potentially bring back home to promote as a way to raise funds for the summer camp we support for the Lighthouse kids each year.  With the Christmas card idea we offer persons a very unique and creative card to share and at the same time promote the Lighthouse ministry efforts,” said Gena Mansperger, Calvary mission team leader.

Mansperger said the church will sell a limited quantity of cards this year.

The cards are bundled 10 to a pack and sell for $10 per pack and can be ordered by clicking here http://calvaryumc.com/content.cfm?id=395.


Eating Out Together Raises Funds for a Worthy Cause

Okay, so the easy part (there’s not really any easy part) is done. Major planning and organizing for a major mission trip to Estonia is behind you. Now comes the hard part—raising enough monies to fund the worthy endeavor.

There are car washes, pancake breakfasts, bake sales, adopt-a-camper, dinner theatres and flea markets to name a few. And then there is eating out. Now you are talking fun and fellowship all rolled into one.

Members of a Nashville-based Volunteer in Mission team–set to go to Tallinn this summer to support the Lighthouse Center summer camp– and a good number of their friends have munched their way to success. The team has collected over $1,000 in donations from two “eat-out” fundraising events.

The team entered into fundraising agreements with two Nashville restaurants—Pei Wei Asian Food and Nacho’s Mexican. Now how’s that for diversity. The terms for how funds were paid back to the team were different with each event.

Pei Wei sponsored an eat-out night (typically most restaurants want you to have it on Monday) with Calvary United Methodist Church on behalf of the Lighthouse Center mission in January. Nacho’s worked in partnership with Bellevue United Methodist Church in support of the team in March.

The team received 20 percent of the gross profits from Pei Wei based on the customer providing a special promo sheet with their payment.

Nachos wrote a check in support of the Lighthouse VIM team based on 10 percent of ticket sales when the promo was presented.

It was a win-win for all. The restaurants saw increased business on what is typically the slowest day of the week for them. The team raised needed funds.

Each event raised approximately $500 for the team. What was really great is that each event saw additional donations come to the team as a result of the publicity the eat-out nights generated among the congregations.

If you would like to learn more you can contact Nashville team leader Genna Mansperger via Facebook.