New WME Director Sees Strong and Growing Partnership with FOE

The new director of World Methodist Evangelism is committed to helping the Friends of Estonia expand its base of support in the United States and grow its faith-sharing opportunities and connecting congregation relationships in Estonia.

“At the moment the Friends of Estonia is World Methodist Evangelism’s strongest partner when it comes to Connecting Congregations.  I would like to see that grow even more,” said Dr. Kimberly Reisman.  World Methodist Evangelism helped bring United Methodist churches in the United States and Estonia together into a special one-on-one relationship starting over 20 years ago.  There are now 14 connecting congregation relationships in existence today with Estonia churches.

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Reisman

“We are excited that Dr. Reisman has stepped into the role of Director of WME and continues to recognize the importance of Connecting Congregations and the work in Estonia. We also look forward to the vision and energy she will bring to the table,” said Jim Davis, co-chair of Friends of Estonia.  “Dr. Reisman brings her experience as pastor, teacher, theologian, and author in a global context to WME.  Her focus on evangelism, spiritual formation, and leadership development will bring fresh ideas for how our U.S. and Estonian churches can work together.

Reisman is a big believer in creating strong partnerships with missions-based groups like the Friends of Estonia (FOE).  She wants to do her part to help FOE expand its base of support in the United States so that its footprint of ministry in Estonia can grow.

“I think partnership and collaboration are two of the most valuable elements in the evangelism work that is done on behalf of the Gospel.  FOE is already on top of it and I can see how we could bring others into what the group is doing to make it even stronger,” Reisman said.

Reisman, who is an ordained elder in the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, succeeds Dr. Eddie Fox.  She most recently served as Director of Next Step Evangelism Ministries and Conference Evangelist in the Indiana Conference and also just completed a stint as chair of the Social Justice Committee, an advocacy body that works under the auspices of the World Methodist Council.

“One of the legacies Eddie Fox leaves behind is the use of the term faith-sharing when talking about evangelism,” Reisman shares in a recent blog she shared on  “Faith-sharing is the idea that each of us has a story to share about what Jesus Christ means to us.  For Eddie, the heart of evangelism resided in the sharing of each person’s unique and valuable story of faith.”

Reisman said faith-sharing is a critical component of all the work that is performed in missions and evangelism ministries around the world.

Reisman said her goal is to have World Methodist Evangelism continue to “equip” those engaged in “faith-sharing” ministries and mission work in Estonia.  She has already done a great deal of equipping as teacher and preacher around the world in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Latin America and the Caribbean.  One place missing on Reisman’s list of countries visited is Estonia.

“I plan on making my first visit to Estonia in the near future.  I have been aware of the many ongoing ministries and mission work happening in Estonia over the years through my family history and my relationships with Taavi Holman and Eddie,” said Reisman.

Reisman said she is open at some point to possibly serving on one of the mission teams that FOE members and congregations send to Estonia each year.

“I plan for WME to do its part to empower people in a personal way and provide them the tools to share their personal witness whether it’s in Africa or Estonia.  The offering of a personal witness cuts across a lot of different situations and cultures when it comes to international missions,” said Reisman.


Shirley Dominick starts new role with WME

Shirley Dominick has started her new role as assistant to Kimberly Reisman, the executive director of World Methodist Evangelism.

Dominick resides in Dayton, Ohio.  She is the spouse of Rev. Mike Dominick, pastor of Dayton United Methodist Church.

“I enjoy serving the Lord in many ways.  Hospitality is one of my gifts so I love serving others in any way I can,” said Dominick


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